Portrait of Andreu de Ferrant
Carbonell Huguet, Pere [Barcelona, 1854 - 1927]
Technique: Bronze
Dimensions: 65 x 64 x 8 cm
Date: 1904
Generic classification: Sculpture
General inventari: 416 E
Location: Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi
Inscriptions: "Pedro Carbonell", under the bust; "DON ANDRÉS DE FERRÁNT Y DE DUMONT / SECRETARIO GENERAL QUE FUÉ DE ESTA ACADEMIA PROVINCIAL DE BELLAS ARTES / DESDE EL DÍA 4 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 1855 / HASTA EL DÍA 17 DE JUNIO DE 1903 EN QUE FALLECIÓ", in the central low part; "FUNDICION ARTISTICA / MASRIERA Y CAMPINS / SDAD ANMA BARCELONA", in the right angle. Although no documents remain to prove it, this portrait relief of Andreu de Ferrant, which could date from about 1904, was probably commissioned by the Academy to render a posthumous homage to the person that had been the Secretary of the institution for nearly fifty years. In the record of the governing body’s session that took place on June 26th 1903 it is stated that a portrait of Ferrant could be commissioned from the painter Ribera for the occasion. However, it is probable that this painted portrait was never carried out, since none is preserved, and that this relief was commissioned instead. Andreu de Ferrant i de Dumont (1816-1903) was one of the founders of the Institut Agrícola Català de Sant Isidre (Catalan Institute of Agriculture of Sant Isidre) in which he also held office as life-secretary, and where he played an outstanding role in the fight against the phylloxera plague. Besides, he was Secretary at the Academy of Fine Arts since the day he was elected on November 4th 1855, until his death on June 17th 1903. For his invaluable work during those years and since he was a dearly beloved person, his fellow- artists decided to make a monument in his honour. The painter Antoni Caba put forward the idea of making a bust in marble, bronze or wood and at the same time, the architect Bonaventura Bassegoda proposed to make a medal or plaque with his portrait and a text related to him, so that it could be hanged in the walls of the Academy. In the general meeting held on July 19th 1903, the sculptor Pere Carbonell undertook the project under the condition of executing the effigy out of some photographs of Ferrant.

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