Marital Scenes
Ferran Bajona, Manuel [Barcelona, 1830 - 1896]
Technique: Oil on panel
Dimensions: 40 x 47 cm
Date: a. 1869
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: S/N
Location: Unknowed
Paintwork allegedly lost. Provenance: Acquired by the Academy from the artitst. Came to the Academy's Museum: 1869 Expositions: Barcelona, “Manifestació de Productes Catalans”, March in 1877, núm. 148-2 Bibliography: Cat. Expo. Barcelona 1877, p. 32. Cat. Museo 1926, núm. 86, p. 254. Catàleg 1872, núm. 378. Photography: 16.283 (Historical Archive of the city, Barcelona). Note: Deposited at the Art Museum in Barcelona in 1906. It is unknown where it is today. According to the 1926 catalog, the work was at that time in the Royal Palace of Pedralbes. Included in this catalog (1999) because it is known through the photographs held in the Historical Archives of the City. He has had various names in different places in which it has appeared named. In the manuscript catalog of 1872 listed as "contrato matrimonial" in the lists of the deposit in 1906, "Escenas populares" and the catalog of 1926, again as a "Contrato matrimonial". Casellas described the picture at R. Casellas, “Manuel Ferran y su tiempo III. Residencia del pintor en la campiña catalana. Sus cuadros de costumbres rurales", La Vanguardia, August 27, 1896, p. 4, wherein said Ferran in late 1866 moved to Espluga of Francolí, where he remained until 1869, at the notary of the town Juan Oromí and Torrents, which represented in some of his paintings of customs, and the titled Marital Scenes. The painting depicts the office room of the rural notary with the table of solid walnut and the closet full of papers background. with a hat black point appears behind the notary Oromí table. The second name of the author is Bajona as it appears to texts autographs and personal documentation kept by the descendants of the artist.
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