Worship of the Golden Calf
Anònim, escola catalana (principis segle XIX)
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 105 x 145 cm
Date: 1802
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 333
Location: Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi
Provenance: Work made for the competition for a travelling scholarship to Rome, held in February 1802. It competed against, among other artists, Miquel Cabanyes and Francesc Lacoma i Sans who submitted works with this same title. Came to the Academy's Museum: February 18th 1802. Note: This work is identical in subject and dimensions to numbers 370 and 372. The reason for this is that these were test- works submitted in 1802 in order to win a scholarship. Five candidates turned in: Cabanyes, Antoni Sanahuja, Lacoma i Sans, Jaume Riera and Gaietà Pont. The work by Cabanyes won the scholarship unanimously but on August 5th the Supreme Board changed its veredict in favour of the work submitted by Francesc Lacoma i Sans (although Cabanyes also ended up receiving finantial aid to study in Rome). It is not recorded to which artist does each of the three works in the Museum correspond, though the stylistic quality of no. 370 suggests it is by Lacoma i Sans while the inferior quality of this present work in regards to number 372 (which was probably by Cabanyes) suggests it was probably a non-prizewinning work, therefore, executed by one of the three other candidates: Sanahuja, Riera or Pont.
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