Flowers in the Grating
Anònim, escola catalana (segles XVIII-XIX)
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 72 x 58 cm
Date: Segles XVIII - XIX
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 143
Location: Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi
Restaurations: restored by J.M. Xarriè in 1980 Note: The catàleg de 1847 records several paintings with flowers (apart from the ones already identified or identifiable), executed by Àngel Fatjó, Claudi Lorenzale, Francesc Dalmases, Andreu Giró, Cristòfol Molet, Pau Ribó, Ramon Planella and Francesc Lacoma. This present painting could correspond to one of them.

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