Vision of the Mercedarians Order
Anònim, escola catalana (segle XVIII)
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 78 x 63 cm
Date: Segle XVIII
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 947
Location: National Museum of Art of Catalonia
Inscribed: At upper part, on the panel itself, on an old card in ink: “214’. Provenance: Junta d’Agricultura, Indústria i Comerç (no. 46). It might correspond to the work recorded in the inventory as the Verge de la Mercè al cor, which was brought in from the Convent de la Mercè in 1835 (Biblioteca de Catalunya, Arxiu Junta de Comerç XCV, 1, 11) and later on passed to the collection of the above-mentioned Junta before being returned to the Academy's Museum. Came to the Academy's Museum: April 9th 1863. Note: On loan to the Museus d’Art de Barcelona since 1906 (inv. no. MNAC 8378).

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