Saint Jerome
Ribalta, Joan [Madrid, 1596 - València, 1628]
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 162 x 114 cm
Date: 1618
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 987
Location: National Museum of Art of Catalonia
Signed: “Juan Ribalta faciebat et inventor, anno 1618” (on the crosspiece of the table). “Anno 1618” (on a paper which sticks out of a book on the left shelf). Provenance: It came to the Escola de Belles Arts from the collection of Pasqual-Pere Moles, to whom it had been bequathed by his brother Joan Baptista, presbyter, in 1787. Son of the painter Francesc Ribalta (Solsona, 1565 - Valencia, 1628), Juan Ribalta worked often associated with his father since from very young he stood out as a brilliant artist, of great talent to move with fluency inside any stylistic offer. Nevertheless, soon he left the forms manierists to submerge squarely inside the naturalistic guidelines, probably influenced by Pedro de Orrente. He was employed especially at the Valencian area, where he obtained an important clientele between the personalities most distinguished from the Valencian culture. His early disappearance truncated a brilliant career and a few exceptional expectations of future. Many of his works have been in numerous occasions attributed to his father. Due to an error in the writing of the Catàlegs 1866, 1867 and c. 1872, the painting no. 122 of 90 x 70 cm is identified with the Saint Jerome by Joan Ribalta while the painting number 186, which is really the work by Ribalta, is identified as a Saint Mark by the Flemish school. The work was deposited in the Museums of Art of Barcelona in 1906, and at present it remains in the Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya, where there has the number of inventory MNAC 5717.

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