The Redemption of the Christian Prisoners by the Religious Order of the Mercedarians
Pacheco, Francisco [Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 1564 - Sevilla, 1654]
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 200 x 250 cm
Date: 1602
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 912
Location: National Museum of Art of Catalonia
Signed: His anagram (at lower right). Provenance: Cloister of the monastery of the Merced Calzada in Seville. Purchased by the Academy from Mr Aragon. Came to the Academy's Museum: 1866. Exhibitions: Barcelona, Ex. Velàzquez, Palau de Pedralbes, June 1961; Guadalajara, Ex. Don Quijote de la Mancha. La sombra del caballero. Museo Provincial de Guadalajara, 2005, num. 287; Madrid, Ex. El mundo que vivió Cervantes. Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid, 2005, num. 308; Sevilla, Pacheco. Teórico, artista, maestro (1564-1644), Museo de Bellas Artes, March-June 2016, num. 19. Documentation: Arxiu RACBASJ, 148.12, dossier document of purchase 1866; Acta junta de govern December 1 of 1866; dossier documents of sessió plenària November 18 of 1959 and Acta and dossier documents of sessió plenària ordinària June 21 of 1961. Bibliography: PACHECO 1599 (ed. 1983), p. 35-38; PACHECO 1649 (ed. 1990), p. 444; PONZ 1786 (ed. 1972), t. IX, p. 106; CEÁN BERMÚDEZ, vol. IV, p. 21; Acta Acadèmia 1868, p. 4; MAYER 1911 (ed. 2010), p. 136; GUIA 1915, p. 20; GÓMEZ IMAZ 1896 (ed. 1917), p. 137 i 157; CARRIAZO 1929, p. 175; GUIA 1930 p. 65; ÁNGULO 1954, p. 324; MÜLLER 1960-1961, p. 35; VALDIVIESO/SERRERA 1985, núm. 86, p. 63; M. Margarita CUYÀS, La pintura al Museu d’Art de Catalunya. Segles XVI-XVII i XVIII, a CAT. EXPO. GIRONA 1988, p. 63 i 64 (reprod. detall); VALDIVIESO 1990, p. 19-21; FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ 1991 (ed. 2002), p. 251-261; PÉREZ SÁNCHEZ 1992 (ed. 2010), p. 158; GARCIA SASTRE 1997, [fig. 30] (exposada a la sala VI del Museu de Belles Arts de Barcelona el 1915); VÁZQUEZ 1998, p. 198; CAT. EXPO. ACADÈMIA 2000, p. 30 (reprod.); VALDIVIESO 2003, lám. 108, p. 118; ORTEGA 2014 (reproduït); CAT. EXPO. PACHECO 2016, p. 61 (reprod.), 172-174 i 177 (reprod.). Note: Among the portrayed there is Brother Juan Bernal and Brother Andrés de Portes. Other works from the same series are at the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville and the Barnard Castle in England. Arturo Navarro Anson 2016 tells us that the figure of the boy who is in the composition reminds Francisco Herrera el Viejo, who was a pupil of Pacheco. Painter, treatises, poet and scholar, Francisco Pacheco stands out for its exceptional work as a teacher for his painting, focusing mainly on religious themes and portraits. 1649 posthumously published his treatise The Art of Painting (PACHECO 1649), an important source of information in this period -especially when documenting the early years of the career of his son in law, Diego Velázquez- basic training book artists of the moment. Work deposited in the Provincial Museum of Barcelona in 1902, where he became at the Museum of Art in Barcelona in 1906 with the inventory number 11592; Today is at the MNAC. The exhibition in Seville in 2016 and the CAT. EXPO. PACHECO 2016 is not any reference to the ownership of the painting of the Academy; not mentioned in the bibliographyof the catalog the painter catalog of the Academy, CATÀLEG 1999.
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