Portrait of Enric III, Count of Nassau
Mabusse, (Jan Gossaert) (atribuït) [Manbeuge, c. 1478 - Breda, 1532]
Technique: Oil on panel
Dimensions: 44 x 33 cm
Date: Primera meitat segle XVI
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 936
Location: National Museum of Art of Catalonia
Inscribed: At lower left, in red: “24187". Provenance: Museum of the former Junta de Comerç. Note: It probably corresponds to the work which appears in the early catalogues as an anonymous portrait of Dürer. In 1958 there existed a second copy in the collection of von Anhalt, de Wörlitz credited to Josse van der Beke. Until the year 2005, that the MNAC attributed the work to Mabusse, it was catalogued like of Bernard Van Orley's Circle (Antwerp, 1 ª half of the 16th century). On loan to the Museus d'Art de Barcelona since 1906 (inv. no. MNAC 24187)

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