Mary Magdalene
Lanfranco, Giovanni [Terenzo, Parma, 1582 - Roma, 1647]
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 75 cm
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: S/N
Location: Unknowed
Paintwork allegedly lost. Probably corresponds to the referenced work to the catalog of the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1833, room 1, with the number 16; catalog of the Academy in 1837, Gal., with the number 1; catalog of the Academy in 1847, with the number 144; Inventary in 1851, with the number 144; Catalog of the Academy in 1866-67 and 1872 with the number 68; catalog of the Academy in 1913, with the number 40; catalof of the Academy in 1999, p. 18-19. Carrera Pujal, p. 18-19; Alcolea [Gil], vol. I, p. 115; Subriana, p. 72, 259 y 407. Provenance: Purchased by the Junta de Comerç at the suggestion of Pasqual-Pere Moles, together with the Apollo credited to Guercino. It passed to the Museum of the Junta de Comerç. Price: 200 pounds for the two works. Came to the Academy's Museum: 1789. Note: This work does not appear in the Academy's collections and its present location is unknown. Still, it is included in this catalogue since we know from it indirectly through an excellent copy made in chalcographic engraving by Blai Ametller in 1790. One of this religious cards is currently in MNAC (inv. no. 3427).

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