A sultan
Technique: -
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: S/N
Location: Unknowed
Paintwork allegedly lost. Probably corresponds to the referenced work to the catalog "Mecanoscrit" of the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1833, room 1, with the number 31; catalog of the Academy in 1837,. Painting., with the number 14; catalog of the Academy in 1847, with the number 88; catalog of the Academy in 1866-67, with the number 32 (46x35); Catalog of the Academy in 1913, with the number 30 (46x35). In the Correa´s collection, Madrid, is preserved a picture that probably plays this piece, recorded by Esteban Boix for pension received by the “Junta de Comerç” in 1796, which specifies that it is "The Magician", original painting Rembrandt from the collection of Lorenzo Ortiz to Zárate, Abbot of Cardona, a character who, as we saw in the introduction, then make two bequests to the Academy (see the catalog of the exhibition "The formation of the artist. From Leonardo to Picasso. Approach to the study of teaching and learning of Fine Arts", Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando / Calcografía Nacional, Madrid, 1989, p. 99, reproduced lám. 46).

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