Copy of the Saint Paul the Hermit by Josep de Ribera (?)
Lacoma i Sans, Francesc (atribuït) [Barcelona, 1784 - Madrid 1812]
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 91 x 70 cm
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 322
Location: National Museum of Art of Catalonia
Inscribed: At the lower side there is the trace of number, “29” painted in white, now erased. Provenance: A work made as scholarship-holder. It entered the Museum of the former Junta de Comerç. Came to the Academy's Museum: December 1803 (?). Note: According to Continuación 1803, [p. 14], Pau Montanya sent over to the Junta de Comerç from Madrid a copy of Ribera's Saint Jerome. However, no record appears of a work of this characteristics sent by Lacoma. Therefore, the attribution of this work to Lacoma could be an error dating from the Museum's first catalogues and this work may be by the young Montanya. It is a copy with variations of the original by Josep de Ribera currently in the Museo del Prado de Madrid (no. 1115). While in the work in Madrid the skull rests on top of the book and there is a piece of bread in the foreground, in Lacoma's copy the skull is in the ground and the piece of bread is missing. It is probably a copy of a religious card which bore an interpretation of this painting. This work was recorded in the old inventories as a Saint Jerome and not as a Saint Paul the Penitent. This fact must be due to a mistake when writing the Catàlegs 1866, 1867 and c. 1872, in which the identification of Joan Ribalta's Saint Jerome was assigned to this work whilst the work which is really by Ribalta (inv. no. 987), appears as a Saint Marc and is given to the Flemish school. On loan to the Museus d'Art de Barcelona since 1906 (inv. no. MNAC 11585)

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