Vase with Flowers
Lacoma i Fontanet, Francesc [Barcelona, 1784 - París, 1849]
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 116 x 90 cm
Date: 1805
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 902
Location: National Museum of Art of Catalonia
Signed: “F. Lacoma y Fontanet Paris 1805” (at lower right). Provenance: Bequeathed by the artist on December 26th 1846. Came to the Academy's Museum: 1850. Exhibitions: París, Salon 1810; Barcelona, El elemento floral en sus múltiples aplicaciones, 1959-1960, núm. 38; Madrid, Exposición de Pintura Catalana, 1962; Madrid, Pintura española de bodegones y floreros de 1600 a Goya, 1983-84, núm. 180; Castres, Les élèves espagnols de David, 1989; Londres, Spanish still life painting from Velázquez to Goya, 1995, núm. 65; Pamplona-Vitoria-Bilbao-Madrid, RACBASJ. Exposición antológica de pintura, 2000, núm. 31; Mahó-Madrid, 1802. España entre dos siglos y la devolución de Menorca, 2002-2003, núm. 95. Note: This work, together with two more works bequeathed by the artist, came in to the Academy's collection when this institution was already dissociated from the Junta de Comerç. The process lead to controversy until by Royal Order dated from 1865 it was decided that the testator's will was surely closer to the idea that the works formed part of a collection at the service of the public and of teaching rather than integrating a purely ornamental collection. For this reason, the works passed to the Academy. Francesc Lacoma i Fontanet is possibly the painter of flowers i taverns more notable of his generation, but unlike his companions he never exercised as teacher of Llotja. Formed in this Barcelonian School he was rewarded in 1799 and pensioned to Paris in 1804 where he studied until 1814 receiving the advices of David and Gros. He exhibited in the Lounge of Paris in 1810, 1812 and 1813, gaining a golden medal in the first one of these summons for the magnificent Vase with flowers that we sense beforehand now. There, also advised and coordinated the repatriation of the artistic Spanish goods for the Napoleonic forces. After returning to Barcelona for some years, it was established definitively in France, where apart from devoting himself to the painting of flowers and taverns, he realized also portraits. In his work Lacoma reflected the French and Dutch influence - introduction of insects and butterflies following the Flemish tradition-. The refinement of his painting brings him over to the stylistic current of the 18th century that departing from the neoclassic conception he was trying to improve the nature up to achieving the perfection, trend that was lengthened beyond middle of the 19th century, removed from the most naturalistic current. This work was deposited in the Museus d'Art of Barcelona in 1906, and at present one preserves in the Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya with the number of inventory MNAC 10440.

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