The Mercedarians Freeing the Prisoners in Africa
Casanova i Estorach, Antoni [Tortosa, 1847 - París, 1896]
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 101 x 131 cm
Date: 1870
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 14
Location: Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi
Inscribed: At lower left, seal of the Academy. At lower right, in red:"24.677". On stretcher, on two identical labels:"Las Bellas Artes/ Alejandro Planella/ Calle de Milans 2/ Barcelona"; on another printed label: "Museu de Belles Arts/ de Barcelona", and on another label: "24.677-C"; inscribed: "24.677". Provenance: Provincial Council. Restaurations: restored by Balaguer & Grau workshop in 1999 Exhibitions: Pamplona-Vitoria, RACBASJ. Exposición antológica de pintura, 2000, no. 56. Note: Deposited in the Arts Museums of Barcelona since 1906 (number inventory 24677). Was returned on december 1 th, 1980. PaIntwork with which the author won the "Diputación de Barcelona" to study in Rome (1870)

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