Escudero García, Juan [Bilbao, 1966]
Technique: Indian ink on paper
Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm (dibuix); 89,5 x 89,5 cm (paper)
Date: 2010
Generic classification: Draw
General inventari: 7437 D
Location: Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi
Signed: "J. Escudero" (to pencil, at the lower right angle of the paper). Inscribed: "1 Agosto 2010" (to pencil, at the lower left angle of the paper). Provenance: Prize drawing contest Ynglada-Guillot 2011. Came to the Academy's Museum: July, 5, 2011. Exhibition: EXPO. YNGLADA-GUILLOT 2011. Bibliography: CAT. YNGLADA-GUILLOT 2011, p. 3 (reproduced) and p. 4 (record of the juror); “El arte emergente se da cita en cuatro exposiciones en el Espai Volart”, ABC (digital edition), July, 5, 2011; PREMI YNGLADA-GUILLOT 50è aniversari 2012, p. 156 and 157 (reproduced). Note: The air chamber between the framework and the drawing justifies the concept that gives name to the work. Juan Escudero has also been selected in the edition of 2010 Ynglada-Guillot. The artist, who is established in Barcelona in 1999, is currently undergoing a process of experimentation with drawing lines, generating graphical structures from a simple gesture tracing, which constantly repeats and grows up to the image terminated. But it is the author who best describes his creative process: "In the early 2007 ink drawings and steel was that way. Taking a decision, start with a spiral, a circle or a line and then make that grow ... "(website of the artist:
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