Alonso Ruiz-Rivas, Elena [Madrid, 1981]
Technique: Black ink on paper
Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm
Date: 2008
Generic classification: Draw
General inventari: 7292 D
Location: Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi
Provenance: Prize drawing contest Ynglada-Guillot 2008. Came to the Academy's Museum: July, 8, 2008. Exhibition: EXPO. YNGLADA-GUILLOT 2008. Bibliography: CAT. YNGLADA-GUILLOT 2008, p. 2 (reproduced) and p. 4 (record of the juror); PREMI YNGLADA-GUILLOT 50è aniversari 2012, p. 150 and 151 (reproduced). Note: Elena Alonso only has been as selected in this year's contest. Inspired by the landscapes he had met on a trip to Finland, the artist made this drawing with black pastel, a technique that had long been working. At present, it has introduced the color and geometry in their compositions, approaching more typical forms of architecture and design. His preferred medium of expression remains the drawing, as the author explains, describing his work: "Developing my work primarily through drawing, a medium that helps me to think and to combine the different aspects that I try in my work. As a practical and as construction and representation method, is usually present in all my work, regardless of the format you use. (...) On the other hand, I try to create spaces of indeterminacy, playing with the concrete and the imprecise, to search, and to encourage own internalization and transformation of what is given to us."(website and blog of the artist: and

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