Badell Giralt, Laura [Barcelona, 1979]
Technique: Pencil on paper
Dimensions: 69,9 x 49,9 cm
Date: 2001
Generic classification: Draw
General inventari: 4060 D
Location: Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi
Signed: "LAURA BADELL 2001" (on pencil, at the lower right angle). Provenance: Prize drawing contest Ynglada-Guillot 2001. Came to the Academy's Museum: June, 18, 2001. Exhibition: EXPO. YNGLADA-GUILLOT 2001; Exhibition "Pinturas de Laura Badell Giralt", Sant Joan Despí, Centre Jujol-Can Negre, 17 octubre-10 noviembre 2002. Bibliography: CAT. YNGLADA-GUILLOT 2001, p. 3 (reproduced); PREMI YNGLADA-GUILLOT 50è aniversari 2012, p. 136 and 137 (reproduced). Note: Laura Badell, who had also won the Güell Foundation grant, was an honorable mention in the contest Ynglada-Guillot 2002 for his work Tree. As the author explains, this slightly blurred image of a house in the field is part of a series of thirty-six images captured on a bus journey between Galway and Dublin. With the drawing of the snapshots using the technique of graphite, icons acquire a romantic and the scenery becomes intriguing journey transforms memory. The feelings, the nuances and the different effects are achieved by applying the pencil with various intensities.

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