Cloister of Saint Paul of Camp. Barcelona
Callol i Chevalier, Dolors [Barcelona, 1886 - 1940]
Technique: Oil on cardboard
Dimensions: 35 x 46 cm
Date: 1915
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 7562
Location: Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi
Inscriptions: on back in ink: "Barcelona. Sant Pau del Camp. Claustre./Dolors, o Lolita, Callol Chevalier ." "1.915" (scripture of Manuel Genovart) Provenance: Formed part of Josep Ma. Garrut's collection, it went on to the Academy for testamentary will of the late one. Income date: July 12, 2010. Observations: With the authorship of these works, there has been some confussion as, according to the testimony of Jose Ma. Garrut, Manuel Genovart signed much of his work as "L. Callol" signature of his wife Dolors Callol Chevalier, who was also devoted to painting. Garrut tells us that marriage was met at the Escola de Llotja, who were married in 1920, and that behind the death of Dolors, in 1940, Genovart signed all his works under the name women. We believe that these early works may well be original Dolors Callol. The work was not included in the inventory of the Garrut's collection.

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