The Acropolis of Athens
Barbarà Gómez, Joan [Barcelona, 1927 - 2013]
Technique: Etching on paper
Dimensions: 104 x 204 cm
Date: c. 2003
Generic classification: Engraves
General inventari: 5466 G
Location: Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi
The author is a numerary member of the Academy from January 16, 2002. Signed: "Barbarà" (to pencil, to the part inf. right(straight)). Inscriptions: " " The Acropolis of Athens " " (to pencil, to the part inf. central); " (definitive test(proof)) " (to pencil, to the part inf. left.). Provenance: Delivered to the Academy for the author to his revenue. Came to the Academy's Museum on February 18, 2004.

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