Oliver, Manuel [Segles XVIII - XIX]
Technique: Marble
Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 75 cm
Date: 1802
Generic classification: Sculpture
General inventari: S/N
Location: Casa Llotja of Barcelona
Immediately after the Llotja building was completed, the Junta de Comerç (Board of Commerce) commissioned Manuel Oliver, who had been on a travelling scholarship in Rome, to execute two statues – America and Africa to stand in the two vaulted niches of the entrance hall. This work, placed at the right vaulted niche of the Casa Llotja’s hall (coming in from the Consulate street), is part of the sculptural heritage of the Cambra de Comerç (the Chamber of Commerce). As the Academy, they are both inheriting bodies of the eighteenth-century Junta de Comerç (the Board of Commerce) which gave birth to the Casa Llotja. Manuel Oliver, who had received a travelling scholarship to study in Rome in 1791, was there awarded with the prize of the Academy of San Lucca, the most renowned academy at the time. However, there have remained no further details regarding his artistic nature.
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