A beggar girl
Ferran Bajona, Manuel [Barcelona, 1830 - 1896]
Technique: -
Date: c. 1862
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: S/N
Location: Unknowed
Paintwork allegedly lost. Probably corresponds to the referenced work to the catalog of the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1866-67, with the number 245 (0,75 x 1,13). Acquired in the exhibition of 1862 by 100 crowns. It does not appear in the list of works deposited to the Museums in 1906. The work is described by Casellas to: R. Casellas, "Manuel Ferran and time II. The stay of the painter in Paris. His paintings of history ", La Vanguardia, August 8, 1896, p. 4. The second name of the author is not Bajona Bayonne, usually written as released. Bajona is as appears the second name of the author in the text autographs and personal documentation kept by the descendants of the artist.
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