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Rigalt i Farriols, Lluís Bridge at Arbúcies
Surroundings of the bridge at Arbúcies
Gully at Arbúcies
Road to Arbúcies
Road to Arbúcies
Landscape at Arbúcies
Country house in a village (Arbúcies?)
Landscape with mountain in the background (the surroundings of Arbúcies?)
Landscape with mountains and river in the foreground (the surroundings of Arbúcies?)
Choir of Mare de Déu de la Mercè church (Barcelona)
Sarrià (Barcelona)
Sarrià (Barcelona)
Interior of the church of Santa Creu d’Olorda. Sarrià (Barcelona)
The church of Santa Creu d’Olorda. Sarrià (Barcelona)
Palace of the Marquis and Marchioness of Sentmenat. Sarrià (Barcelona)
Sarrià (Barcelona)
Demolition at the Plaça Nova (the “New Square”) (Barcelona)
Surroundings of Argelaguer. Fluvià River
Landscape at Tortellà. Road to the chapel at Sales de Llierca
Surroundings at Tortellà. The banks of the Llierca river

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