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  Author Work
Giralt, Joan Copy of the Portrait of Pasqual-Pere Moles by Vicent López
Portrait of Pere Pau Montanya
Giró, Andreu Vase with flowers
Gómez Polo, Simó Reading an old
The Repentance of Judas
González Muñoz, Josepa Nude Female Bust
Children at the Beach
González Velázquez, Zacarías Arrival of the Holy Spirit
The Virgin and Jesuschrist...
The triumph of Saint Augustine
Gonzalvo Pérez, Pablo Gallery and staricase of a Greco-Roman palace
Towers and door at Serrans in Valencia
Gràcia i Paulí, Manuel Sculptural frieze Decorative composition
Granero Sierra, Lluïsa Portrait of Maria
Marquesa de Comillas Prize
Head of the grandson of the artist
Granyer Giralt, Josep Portrait of Montserrat Junyent, the sculptor’s wife
Grasset, Josep Interior view of the cloister of the cathedral
Saint Peter in Prison

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