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  Author Work
Montanya Cantó, Pau Portrait of Queen María Lluïsa de Parma
Copy of Saint John the Evangelist by Alonso Cano
Copy of the Beatrice Cenci attributed to Guido Reni
Copy of Herod with the Head of the Baptist by Guido Reni
Copy of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's Self-Portrait
Copy of the Immaculate Conception of Aranjuez by Bartolomé-Esteban Murillo
Montanya i Llanas, Pere-Pau Portrait of the Military Governor Manuel de Terán, Baron of La Linde
Montanyà Salvans, Ramon Landscape CCXVII
Montserrat Portella, Josep The Grandfather
Morales, Luis de (atribuït) Christ Carrying the Cross
Morales i Mas, Joan Old square. Square of bulls os Barcelona. El Torín
Morató Aragonés, Josep Maria Landscape at Vallcarca
Moreno, Manuel Portrait of General Ramon de Meer i Kindelan
Morros Navarra, Santiago Landscape at Sant Martí Sapressa
Moya Calvo, Víctor Reclining Young Woman with Nude Bust
Müller, H. Shepherdess leading two geese
Mundó i Marcet, Ignasi Portrait of Josep Mª Garrut
Parade with food
Mur, Teodor Niobe’s Family Afflicted by Apollo and Diana
Muxart i Domènech, Jaume Face XVII

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