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  Author Work
Fortuny i Marsal, Marià Man's seated nude
Man's nude. Dancer
Young man's nude with lance
Man's nude. Fighter
Man's nude of profile
Boy's nude thoughtful
Burial. Sketch of a scene of the Apparition of the Virgin to Isabel Besora
Biblical scene
Portrait of Cecilia de Madrazo
Man's nude reclining
Man's abreast nude with disc
Man's nude with disc
Sketch of the Great Hispanic-Moorish dish
Franceschini, Marco Antonio (atribuït) Adonis extracts one splinter of Venus's heel
Franch, Joan Eliezer Chooses Rebekah to be Isaac's Wife
Franco Salinas, Luis Portrait of the Marquis of Sentmenat i Ciutadilla
Fuxà Leal, Manuel Portrait of Manuel Milà i Fontanals
Portrait of Victor Balaguer
Portrait of Marcelino Méndez y Pelayo

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