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  Author Work
Planella i Conxello, Bonaventura Still Life and Bust
Planella i Conxello, Gabriel Flors
Painting with Flowers
Painting with Flowers
Planella i Parera, Joaquim Flowers
Copy of the Bunch of Orange Flowers by Benito Espinós
Vase with flowers
Planella i Parera, Ramon Portrait of Jaume Folch i Costa
Copy of the Holy Family with Saints by Benvenuto Tisi, Il Garofalo
Copy of the Victory of Galatea of Rafael Sanzio
Vase with flower
Vase with flowers
Planella i Rodríguez, Joan The rebels leaving Valladolid
Planella i Rodríguez, Joan (atribuït) Copy of The Miracle of the Holy House of Loreto (c. 1743-1744) by Giambattista Tiepolo
Poch Sabarich, Gabriel Sculptural Dress
Pont, Gaietà St. Francis of Assisi listen to music of a angel (copy to Viladomat)
Birth of Saint Francis (by Viladomat)
Pou i Bosch, Maria Head of a Woman. Detail Copy of The Spinners by Diego Velázquez (1935)

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