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  Author Work
Parera Saurina, Antoni Allegory of Art.
Allegory of a birth
Allegory of merit (The police watch over the citizens)
Cupid and two entwined hearts, symbols of love.
Barcelona dona pas a la Justícia
Naked female bust with flowers in her head and leaves in her hands
Barcelona’s City Council
Passignano, (Domenico Cresti) Naixement de Jesús
Pedrola i Font, Antoni Dusk from Castellar de N'hug (El Pedraforca)
Landscape of Castellar de N'hug
Dove of Peace
Peraplanells (Pera Planells), Agustí The River Ter at Pedret
Perdices Sintes, Pilar Regards
Pey i Farriols, Josep Copy of the Virgin of the Councillors by Lluís Dalmau
Picó i Campamar, Miquel Portrait of the Marquise of Alfarràs
Pizarro, Cecilio Arab door of the main square at the bridge of Alcántara in Toledo
Planella i Conxello, Bonaventura Interior
Mercuri i la Junta de Comerç davant Júpiter i Juno

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