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  Author Work
Masriera i Manovens, Josep Landscape
Matamala Flotats, Joan Portrait of Antoni Gaudí
Mayol, Salvador Scene of the massacre of the innocent
Lot and his daughters after the fire
Venus Cutting Off Cupid's Wings
Portrait of the Military Governor Juan del Gayo
Study of Two Beared Heads)
Bust of a Wrestler and a Matron
Heads of child
Study of Heads
Heads of a Matron and a Man
A Café During Carnaval
Mercadé i Fàbrega, Benet A funeral at the church of Cervara (Italy)
Portrait of a Woman (Antonieta F.)
Poor Orphans!
The Maternity Hospital in Barcelona
Saint Anna Teaching the Virgin
Portrait of Mrs Anita in a Red Dress
Portrait of Mrs Anita

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