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  Author Work
Ferrer, Josep Flowers
Ferrer Bassas, Tomàs Study of a Hand
Entry of the national troops in Barcelona. Military act
Fierros Álvarez, Dionisio Coming out of mass
Finoglio, Paolo (atribuït) King David chooses the Pest Among the Calamities With Which the Sky Threatens to Punish Him
Fita i Molat, Domènec Versions of a Head
Portrait of Josep Ma. Garrut
Faces code
Self-Portrait 1
Self-Portrait 2
Self-Portrait 3
Flaugier, Josep Bernat Les Maries
Saint Paul
Birth of the Christ Child
Christ in Calvary
Saints Anna and Joachim with the child Virgin
Flaugier, Josep Bernat (atribuït) The Virgin with the Child Jesus
Flo i Guitart, Eduard Portrait of a Girl Praying

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