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  Author Work
Vila Rufas, Francesc Sleeping
Vila-Grau, Joan A certain presence
Viladecans, Joan Pere Horizon
Viladomat i Manalt, Antoni Saint Felip Neri (oval)
Birth of Saint Francis
Saint Francis Changes his Clothes for those of a Poor Man
A Madman Spreads his Cloak Out to Let Saint Francis Child Pass
Saint Francis Receives the Order to Repair the Heavenly Palace from the Christ in San Damiano
Saint Francis Tormented by the Devils
Saint Francis renounces material goods
Saint Francis Writes Down the New Rule of his Order
The Dream of Pope Innocent III and the Approvement of the Franciscan Rule
Saint Francis Reads Aloud the New Rule of his Order to his Companions
Temptation of Saint Francis
Saint Francis Receives the Stigmata
Saint Francis Gives Three Coins to Christ, Symbolizing the Three Vows
Supper of Saints Francis and Clare at the Convent dels Àngels
Saint Francis, in ecstasy, listens musical celestial
Christ Jesús Concedes Saint Francis the Indulgence of the Portiuncula
Santa Clara

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