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  Author Work
Serveto, A. Landscape with canal and house
Silvela Casado, Mateo Mass at the Roman catacombs
Simón, Pilar Young woman walking on wind
Scene with woman and young Renaissance
Scene with two Renaissance characters
Sivillà i Torres, Emili Study of a Head
Sojo, Felipe Portrait of Manuel Vilar
Solà i Llansas, Antoni Nereid
Aeneas and the Sibyl of Cumae Visit the Styx
Venus Showing Cupid How to Shoot With a Bow
Orestes Tormented by the Beasts
Ulises at the Island of Calypso
The Massacre of the Innocents
Solanes i Martorell, Tomàs Sacred Family and angel
Copy of Sant Sebastian of Guido Reni
Solanic Balius, Rafael Girl with a Diadem
Soler, Joan Bust of Joaquim Roca Cornet
Soler i Gili, Domingo Landscape at the Vall d’Aran
The Tibidabo Mountain

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