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  Author Work
Lacoma i Sans, Francesc (atribuït) Copy of the Saint Paul the Hermit by Josep de Ribera (?)
Copy of the Beatrice Cenci attributed to Guido Reni
Copy of the Christ on the Cross by Alonso Cano
Copy of the Sorrow's Virgin of Mengs
Landa García-Uceda, Jon Backlighting
Lanfranco, Magdalena
Lanfranco, Giovanni Mary Magdalene
Appearance of Sant Dídac d’Alcalà over His Own Sepulchre
Llop i Marquès, Francesc Female head
Llorenç i Artigas, Josep Vase
Llorens i Masdeu, Eduard Asking for a Hand in Marriage
López Portaña, Vicente Portrait of Salvador Xammar
López Ribalta, Núria Plate of enamel
Lorenzale i Sugrañes, Claudi Saint Paul
Jael and Sisera
Origin of the Coat of Arms of the County of Barcelona
Vase with flowers
The Birth of the Virgin
Lozano, Isidoro Isabel the Catholic presiding the education of her children

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