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  Author Work
Batlle i Mir, Jaume Venus (to Tiziano)
Richard the Lion-Hearted
A Scene of The Flood
Redeemed Captive-Woman
Portrait of Vicent Rodes
Warrior's Head
Portrait of Queen Isabel II, as a Child
Batoni, Pompeo (atribuït) The Virgin of the Annunciation
Battistuzzi, Acchille Palace Vendsamin Calergi become home to Venice Post
Pedralbes monastery
Bayeu Subías, Fra Manuel Self-portrait
Bayeu Subías, Francisco (atribuït) Glory of Angels with the Symbol of the Holy Trinity
Bayle Garcia, Xavier The conception of the railroad from Olot appears from the fog
Bejar Novella, Pau Antoni de Country House
Belas, Joan Pau A passage in the history of Spain
Bellmunt i Trafach, Jaume Barcelona's Harbour
Benavent i Rocamora, Gaietà Landscape
Benet Espuny, Josep Porto Civitanova

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