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Anònim, segle XIX Head of an Old Man
Bearded Head of a Man and Hands. Academy Study.
Lady. Pottery plate and brass.
Lady. Pottery plate and brass.
Esther faints in front of Ahasuerus ?
Anònim, segle XVII Medal honoring to Lluís Pericot
Medal honoring to Alberto del Castillo
Young Man Reading
Ecce Homo
Copy of The Virgin, the Christ Child and an Angel by Correggio
Copy of Christ Being Helped by the Cirineu, by Sebastiano del Piombo
Anònim, segle XVIII The Virgin and the Christ Child
Portrait of Saint Francis of Sales
The Virgin Mary of the Rose Garland with a Carmelite Saint and with Saint Antony of Padua
Portrait of an Unknown Man
Anònim, segle XX Saint George
Badge of oath of the internship of the Union of jewelers and goldsmiths (it copies modern)
Fragment of landscape with quadrangular constructions (cut out)

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