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  Author Work
Anònim, finals segle XIX Medallion of the Discovery of America
Medallion of Christopher Columbus
Medallion of Christopher Columbus
Bust of a Woman
Bust of a Woman
Anònim, finals segle XVI Adoration of the kings magicians
Anònim, segle XIX Project for the Decoration of a Ceiling
Funerary Service. Priests’ Procession Presided by a Bishop (copy)
Prudence (an essential virtue)
Tiberius, the Emperor
The Emperor Alexander the Great (?)
Heracles Fighting against the Lion
Frieze with Floral Tracery
Frieze with Star Tracery
Frieze with palm-tree tracery.
Star-shape tracery with a floral inside
Stars Tracery
Pine Cone Tracery
A Fragment of an Arcade with Tracery
Arch Framed by Tracery and Inscriptions

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