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  Author Work
Labarta i Planas, Francesc Fris decoratiu
Lacoma i Fontanet, Francesc The Virgin of the Conception (to Murillo)
Martin Luther and the nun (to Reni)
Saint Peter (from Ribera)
Magdalena (from Van Dyck)
Two portraits (from Van Dyck)
Figure Surrounded by a Garland of Flowers
Vase with Flowers
Lacoma i Fontanet, Francesc (atribuït) Table with flowers
Copy of the Madonna della Sedia by Raphael Sanzio
Lacoma i Sans, Francesc Worship of the Golden Calf
Copy of the Descent from the Cross by Anton Raphael Mengs
Copy of the Adoration of the Shepherds by Anton Raphael Mengs
Copy of the Penitent Magdalene by Anton Raphael Mengs
Sant Joan. Copy of Mengs
Copy of the Portrait of Campomanes by Anton Raphael Mengs
Charles III implementing the Plan of Settling Sierra Morena (1805)

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