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  Author Work
Ratti, Carlo Giussepe Adoration of the Shepherds
Ravegnani, Giuseppe Imagination of decorative relief
Raventós i Torras, Maria Assumpció Music and intercultural words
Reig Corominas, Ramon (atribuït) Two feminine figures that frame a source. Group of twelve ceramic tiles.
Rembrandt, A sultan
A sultana
Reni, Guido Cleopatra dying from a snake bite
Ribalta, Joan Saint Jerome
Ribera, Josep de (cercle de) Saint Jerome Writing the Bible in a Cave at Bethlehem
Ribó, Pau Vase with flowers
Ribó i Ferriz, Bartomeu Mater Dolorosa
Ribó i Mir, Segimon The Birth of Venus
Ricart i Giroud, Josep Landscape. Sunrise in the swamp
Landscape.The dry riverbed
Landscape. Sunset in the field
Waves on the beach
Sunset on the beach
Ricart Serra, Manuel Landscape at Les Corts
Olive Trees. Landscape at Horta
Rico Ortega, Martín The banks of Marne

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