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  Author Work
Pacheco, Francisco The Redemption of the Christian Prisoners by the Religious Order of the Mercedarians
Parera Saurina, Antoni Portrait of Juan C. Cebrián
The Arts. Relief Placed in a Semicircular Pediment (project)
Prizewinner of Barcelona’s City Council.
Allegorical image of the Argentinian Republic
Diana, the huntress ?
Virgin and Child
Two neoclassical female figures
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Speed (car races)
Portrait of a standing man (Juan C. Cebrián)?
The Virgin of el Pilar
The Tree Festival
Barcelona Fair (allegory of the city with Montjuïc castle in the background)
Our Lady of Hope
Rowing Races
Sailing Races
Shooting Practice
Bicycle races
The welcome to the newborn.

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