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  Author Work
Caba i Casamitjana, Antoni The Repentance of Judas
Portrait of Frederic Oliveras
Portrait of Maria Moret d’Oliveras
Portrait of Enriqueta Oliveras Rosales
Portrait of Narcís Oliveras Rosales
Portrait of the Marquis of Alfarràs
Portrait of Beatriu Vidal de Monserdà
Portrait of Queen Maria Cristina of Hapsburg-Lorena and his son Alfons XIII
Portrait of Claudi Lorenzale
Caesar's Tribute (Gospel according to Saint Matthew: Chapter 22)
Copy of The Prince Baltasar Carlos by Diego Velázquez
Cabanyes, Miquel Ecce Homo (from Leonardo da Vinci)
Cabanyes, Miquel (atribuït) Worship of the Golden Calf
Cadena Portal, Joaquim Entry of the national troops in Barcelona
Study of a Hand
Callol i Chevalier, Dolors Interior of santuary of Coll. Barcelona
Saint Wolf of Viabrera. Montseny
Cloister of Saint Paul of Camp. Barcelona
Saint Mary of Villalba Sasserra
Hermit of Martyr Saint Peter. Collserola

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