The Apostles at the Virgin's sepulchre
Carracci, Annibale [Bolonia, 1560 - Roma, 1609]
Albani, Francesco [Bolonia, 1578 - 1660]
Technique: Fresco (transferred on canvas)
Dimensions: 194 x 277 cm
Date: 1604 - 1605
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 882
Location: National Museum of Art of Catalonia
Provenance:Juan Enríquez Herrera's Chapell, at San Giacomo degli Spagnuoli, Rome. The group was taken apart and distributed between the Academy and the Museo del Prado in Madrid. Came to the Academy's Museum: August 9th 1851, gift of Queen Isabel II to the Academy although it was not physically brought in until March 1852 due to problems in the customs house. Bibliography: FÉLIBIEN, 3ª part, p. 273; ARAUJO 1875, p. 156-157; GUIA 1915, p. 18; GUIA 1930, p. 69; CAT. MAC 1936, p. 163, núm. 22; TORMO 1942, vol. I, p. 63-64; GUIA 1954, p. 50; MARÈS 1964, p. 187; MALAFARINA 1976, p. 125-126 (reprod.); CAT. EXPO. PREFIGURACIÓ 1992 (Cuyàs), p. 75 (reprod.), 364 (reprod. d’abans de la restauració) i 365; CAT. EXPO. RENAIXEMENT I BARROC, p. 87 i 94-95 (reprod.); GARCIA SASTRE 1997, p. 435; CAT. EXPO. SOLÀ 2009, p. 100 (reprod.). CATÀLEG S 1866, 1867 i c. 1872, núm. 29; CATÀLEG 1999, p. 31-32 i 115 (reprod.). Photography: 104928 (Arxiu Fotogràfic de Museus). Note: Carracci designed the group and executed it with the help of his pupils Francesco Albani, Il Domenichino, Sisto Badalocchio and Giovanni Lanfranco. See María Margarita Cuyàs (pp. 361-364) for a summary of the execution of the whole group. Deposited in the Museum of Art in Barcelona since 1906, which has the inventory number 24284 MNAC.
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