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The sense of the pace
Agell i Cisa, Roser Saint George
Agrassot i Juan, Joaquim A Village- School at the Pontifical States
Albani, Francesco The Assumption of the Virgin
The Apostles at the Virgin's sepulchre
San Diego of Alcala treating a blind person
Miracle of the Roses of San Diego of Alcalà
Albareda Moruny, Josep Entry of the national troops in Barcelona. Military act
Alier i Ochoa, Llorenç White rocks of Dover
Alumà Masvidal, Jordi Reflections about Gaudi
Amat i Pagés, Josep Sight of the walk of Isabel II
Amell i Jordà, Manuel Walking and conference. Catalunya
Dead nature
Arasa Subirats, Ferran Meadows at Tortosa
Meadows at Tortosa
Armet i Portanell, Josep Country house
A City. A Keepsake from the Pyrenees
Arrau i Barba, Josep Portrait of King Ferran VII
Old Man reading
Portrait of girls Agell

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