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Carracci, Annibale The Assumption of the Virgin
The Apostles at the Virgin's sepulchre
Saint Peter
Miracle of the Roses of San Diego of Alcalà
San Diego of Alcala treating a blind person
Sant Dídac of Alcalà preaching to the people
Appearance of Sant Dídac d’Alcalà over His Own Sepulchre
The Eternal Father
Saint Paul
Carreras, Carme A Village's Belfry
Casademont i Pou, Francesc d'A. Late afternoon in Pollença's port
Cullen. Scotland
Casanellas i Rosell, Josep Maria A Street in Horta
Casanova i Estorach, Antoni Saint Ferrán serving out the food to the poor
The Mercedarians Freeing the Prisoners in Africa
Casanovas, A. Naked man
Casas, Josep A crazy predicted to be holy Saint Francis (to Viladomat)
Casas Abarca, Pere Woman sitting with a basket
Cercle de NUNYES, PERE (atribuït) Way to Calvary
Cerdà, Moses and the angel

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