Author Work
Cadena Portal, Joaquim Entry of the national troops in Barcelona
Study of a Hand
Callol i Chevalier, Dolors Chapel of Saint BErtomeu. Órrius
Hermit of Martyr Saint Peter. Collserola
Old parish church of Saint Joan of Horta. Barcelona
Interior of santuary of Coll. Barcelona
Cloister of Saint Paul of Camp. Barcelona
Saint Wolf of Viabrera. Montseny
Saint Mary of Villalba Sasserra
Calls, Benet David and Abisai Creep into Saul's tent
Camarón, Saint Francis of Asis exsorcising a beast
Saint Francis in extasy
Camarón i Bonanat, Josep The Archangel Saint Gabriel
Copy of the Good Shepherd by Vicent-Joan Macip, Joan de Joanes
Camarón i Bonanat, Josep (atribuït) A Saint's Bust
Camps i Vicens, Manuel Seated Female Nude
Capdevila Massana, Manuel The Columns of Sant Marc
Capmany i de Montaner, Ramon de Springtime in the Mountains
Carbó Berthold, Gustavo Untitled. Christmas greeting
Carbonell, Seated Male Nude

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