Author Work
Batlle i Mir, Jaume Richard the Lion-Hearted
Portrait of Queen Isabel II, as a Child
Warrior's Head
A Scene of The Flood
Portrait of Vicent Rodes
Redeemed Captive-Woman
Batoni, Pompeo (atribuït) The Virgin of the Annunciation
Battistuzzi, Acchille Pedralbes monastery
Palace Vendsamin Calergi become home to Venice Post
Bayeu Subías, Fra Manuel Self-portrait
Bayeu Subías, Francisco (atribuït) Glory of Angels with the Symbol of the Holy Trinity
Bejar Novella, Pau Antoni de Country House
Belas, Joan Pau A passage in the history of Spain
Bellmunt i Trafach, Jaume Barcelona's Harbour
Benavent i Rocamora, Gaietà Marina
Berdalet Andrés, Marina Sín title. Fragment of an oil
Without title. Fragment of an oil.
Bonet i Serrat, Laureà Reclining Female Nude from the Back
Female Nude with Curtain

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